17th place for Abraham in Thailand

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

With the heat reflection from the ground it was horribly, horribly hot out there. Normally I don’t use the drinking system but luckily this race I did. In the race I think my start was very good, but unfortunately from the warm up this morning we had an issue with the front end shaking at the end of the straight and this makes the braking pads loose and when you go for the brakes there is nothing there, so you have to pump the brakes. It caught me by surprise a couple of times and I ran completely wide, fortunately not into the gravel but off the track, and I lost a lot. I lost contact with the group around me and then I was behind Pol and every time I got behind him to maybe make a pass I had the shake and had to roll off the throttle. I stayed in contact with him and in the last part of the race I think he had a technical problem because he waved me past. That was the most difficult part of the race because I had eight or ten laps riding on my own. The front was locking but I had to keep pushing to stay clear of the guys behind me, so mentally it was difficult and of course physically too. I was really happy to see the chequered flag. We finished the race and take the experience to Japan. We go there in a good mood to fight for the points.


2018 Burinam

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