Together with Pepa Sršeň, we run a course at the Brno Circuit for active bikers - those who want to have the most fun on their bikes, but also who want to ride in maximum safety. The course lasts all day, with almost two hours spent right on the track. Here, we’ll help you find your limits and see what your bike is capable of. In recent years more and more women have been coming to us to learn how to improve their riding, so every once in a while our team of instructors is bolstered with the experienced instructor Blanka Slavíková.

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Motoschool SPORT

If your right hand is itching to twist back the throttle and you’re desperate to discover your limits when sport riding, then come for a ride with me at the Motoschool SPORT. Alongside the other instructors, I will teach you the basics of sport riding according to the methodology of legendary motorcycle guru Keith Code. In a single day you’ll spend over two hours out on the race track and learn all the basics – enough so you can start thinking about your first club races.

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Twist of the Wrist II

In 2013, working alongside Keith Code, we finished our Czech translation of his most famous book - Twist of Wrist II. Keith is a stickler for getting things right, so we spent almost a week going through the book in detail and adding my own commentary to Keith’s text. The upshot is you can be sure that every little detail that can affect your riding has been translated exactly according to Keith’s intentions.

You can read more about the book on the Brno Circuit pages (link: )

Abajafans Event

You can meet me quite often at events organised by my fan club. The boys make sure the club is run really well – it’s not just an internet discussion between people who never get to know each other in the real world. We meet up a couple of times a year; from time to time the hardcore fans come and support me when I’m racing abroad. If you want to find out more about the fan club, take a look at

Motoshow – RECORD

When Marco Simoncelli died, the boys at the fan club spontaneously organised a memorial ride at the Brno Circuit, where an estimated thousand bikes took part. We repeated the event a year later and officially calculated the number of riders. The result? 1,349 motorbikes. The second year really got to us – we were overwhelmed. The third year too blew us away, nearly three thousand bikes took to the track. In fact, we almost ran out of room! This event has always taken place in the autumn, so that’s the time to come and help us break the three thousand barrier.

Motosalon International Fair

Motosalon, the international fair for motorcycles and ATVs, which Veletrhy Brno alternates between Prague and Brno, is a great exhibition of the very best vehicles with handlebars that you might meet on our roads. You can see me at the exhibition every year, most of the time at the Brno Circuit stand. And at Motosalon, we always try to make sure you get to see the latest bikes for the forthcoming season.

Nežij vteřinou

Nežij vteřinou, which translates as “Don’t just live for the moment”, is the name of a highly successful event organised by the Blansko police, thanks to which hundreds of bikers get to meet up in the beautiful countryside of the Moravian Karst. Together with the lads from the Motoschool we are preparing a little taster of what the school offers, just so you know what to expect when you arrive at the Brno Circuit. This event traditionally takes place at the start of June.

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