Crash prevents Karel Abraham from getting a good result

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

This was the worst race of the season for me. We had a good qualifying session but we had been struggling a little over the weekend. Today was really very bad. I had a little crash in the morning, and in the race I had a crash at the same corner -Turn 3- immediately. It was unfortunate because there were a lot of riders and we were overtaking each other. I feel like somebody pushed me a little on that corner, but with this low grip level it is very easy to crash. I felt like somebody kicked me from behind and I lost the bike immediately. I tried to pick it up, but then it was really difficult to ride alone because I didn't know where the limit was. It was really hard, and I basically just put in some laps to finish the race, thinking that maybe we would get some points if any riders crashed. It didn't happen, we finished seventeenth, and towards the end of the race I had a few moments where I lost the front or the rear -but it doesn't matter. We just have to forget this race and go to Aragon positively. I know we can get a good result, but today was definitely not our day.


Misano 2017

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