First day in Sepang: shoulder hurts again

Four months after operation of injured shoulder joint Karel Abraham appears in first MotoGP test of the season 2014. Result´s unsatisfying - the injury which forced Abraham to give up last season still complicating Karel´s ride. Czech rider rode in pain forty-one laps and he held twenty-sixth position with loss 6,469 seconds. He had to be treated in Clinica Mobile after end of the first MotoGP test day.

Karel Abraham

„It is simple: the shoulder still remains as a problem. I’m very disappointed, during working out and even it was fine in motocross trainings the injury now reappears. Honestly, it hurts as hell, especially in extreme positions and under strain. Those forty laps that I made were on limit that could be possible to manage. So back to Clinica Mobile and pray that it will get better during the night. I cannot do more now. But it is clear I will end up at doctors after this testing session. It’s a shame because the new Honda RCV1000R bike is perfect and we could do a lot of work today. I’m disappointed “

Marco Grana, Chef mechanic Cardion AB Motoracing

„We are very satisfied with the bike, Karel feels great on it and we don’t have any bigger problem with it. At eight p.m. we are still in garage and we working on it, but it is only due to swop on a new bike, that we do not know. We have only one problem, but enormous- Karel’s shoulder.  After six months when you are not on the bike it would be always difficult to begin ride fully much less when he is in pain. Karel has biggest problem when he is steering the bike from one side to another, we cannot make more laps, as we wanted. We have to hope that he will feel better tomorrow and we could start over. We have to change strategy, because it has no sense to try reach the most laps possible, because more laps Karel does, more he is tired and the shoulder hurts.“

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