From Sepang, directly to rehabilitation

He made less laps than during first MotoGP testing day, nevertheless Karel managed to get faster, eight tenth seconds respect to yesterday with injured shoulder and he moved one position up. The situation is clearer also about injured shoulder. Apparently Abraham‘s difficulties are caused by lack of movement that should be adjusted by another rehabilitation.


Karel Abraham

„Today we made less laps than on Tuesday to not overload the shoulder. We improved a little bit the lap time, but naturally it is far from point where we could be. At least, I have consulted my problems with shoulder with doctor Cizmar who operated me in autumn. According him, the problem should not be as much serious as it seemed to be, however when I get home, we will have to continue with rehabilitation and we will have to put the shoulder more in motion. Tomorrow I will ride again and we will try to improve lap time and make more laps.“


Marco Grana, Chief mechanic Cardion AB Motoracing

„We are about 8 tenth faster compared to Tuesday, so it´s quite positive for us. But we are still remaining far from good level. We made lot of work on the setup of electronics and we are on good start point before final testing day. Tomorrow we want to try new 2014 rear tyre spec, and I hope we´ll be able to reach better lap time and Karel will get better to make more than 30 laps.“

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