Karel Abraham will be able to race in Brno

Czech MotoGP rider Karel Abraham will participate in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. He will get on a competitive bike for the first time in two months after receiving treatment for a foot injury he incurred during a training session for the Catalonia Grand Prix in June. Just ten days ago, doctors removed a splint from Abraham’s foot. In the last few days he has undergone intense physiotherapy so that he will be able to compete during the racing weekend.

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

“On Monday, I got on a bike for the first time again after my injury. Of course, it was on a normal road because I cannot enter the circuit on a civilian motorbike this close before the race. My foot is stiff but it works and I should be able to change gears without major problems. At the moment, the restricted mobility of my joints and the swelling are my biggest problems. I tried to put on a boot one size larger than usual and took the inlay out. I was unsuccessful. With the help of a tightening bandage I was finally able to do so. I guess I will really enjoy racing this weekend even if it is with some major discomfort. The racing weekend itself will be extremely difficult. I haven’t raced for two months due to my splint and could not practice either. Under the circumstances it makes little sense to have big expectations. I believe the fans will be understanding and that their critique will not be too strong. We will see what bike settings my team members together with the alternative riders come up with during the last two races. Despite all of this, I am really looking forward to Brno and I hope everyone will enjoy races packed with great moments.”

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