Point for Abraham from Qatar

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

On one hand, I am very happy to have scored a point, but I’m also angry that we didn’t achieve some of the things we could have achieved in this race. The start was good, many riders went wide and I was able to go inside and gain a few places. Unfortunately then Syahrin had a wobble in front of me; I think he clipped another rider, and when I avoided him several riders overtook me. We didn’t quite have the same grip tonight and on the second lap, coming out of Turn 5, I opened the throttle and almost highsided -so another three or four riders went past. It was a shame because if it hadn't have been for those moments I think I could have made up a lot of time in the early part of the race. After that I was trying hard to stay on the limit; I didn’t feel as good on the bike as yesterday, I had some shaking with the front and the rear so I had to be careful on the throttle. I’m not 100% happy with that and with a better start I think maybe a top ten was achievable, but in any case I think it was a good race.


Qatar 2018

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