Racing weekend in Assen

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

“Superpole was not great for us. The track dried out so the guys had to work really hard to set it up for the conditions, but we lost a few minutes making changes. I left the box but then the bike stopped in the pit lane. The team fixed it and I got out for the last twenty seconds, but I wasn’t able to set a time. It was difficult for us going into the race with so little dry practice and data to use. My clutch slipped a little at the start but the first few laps felt quite good. But, when I did a few more laps the bike was pushing me and I really struggled to control it on throttle and under braking. I was losing the front because the rear was pushing, but then the clutch started to spin and I couldn’t push on the straights either. I really wanted to finish the race and I felt like I could have got some points for sure, but a number of issues happened together and I wanted to save the bike, so I had to return to the box. We have another race to prepare for which it looks like it will be dry, but we still have some issues with the bike and they are not easy to fix overnight. Race 2 was a big improvement over yesterday’s race, and it was great to get two points after a really difficult weekend. We had lots of technical issues all the way from Friday Practice, and we didn’t have time to set the bike up properly for the weekend’s conditions. Then when it started to rain before Race 2 I knew that it might be difficult for us to make progress. It was the first time we’ve raced in mixed conditions this year, but we did a really quick pit stop and the guys did great work to time it right. After that I was able to do consistent laps and managed to score some more points. I haven’t raced at Imola before, but hopefully we’ll get lots of track time and can start to build on the progress we made in today’s race.”