Racing weekend in Magny Course

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

I must admit that the track is very interesting and I like it a lot. Not much in terms of safety, but otherwise really good. The free practice session on Friday was pretty good, even though we have several problems. The first was that when coming out of turns the front end of the bike kept pulling up and I had no choice but to lay off the gas. The bike also shuddered terribly when coming out of turn 8 and it probably threw off the brake pads. When coming into turn 11 it didn’t seem to brake well, if at all. I was told it was due to a bad throttle, but the interesting thing is that it also did it in fifth and sixth gear on the back straight in a slight right turn. On Saturday, it rained and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. The bike wasn’t running so well though, especially the electronics – front end was lifting up terribly, or it had no power at all. For qualifying I’d say that the most positive thing is that the Milwaukee team has almost picked out its uniforms for next year. When I came into the paddock garage my chief engineer was working on it, and when I rode out he had drawn something. Looks like he finished everything up before the end of qualifying. Saturday’s race was really wild. We started out in a wet track, Josh was the only one to go on slick, which was a brave but not entirely bad move. The best tire choice was certainly intermediate. The wet track tires I had were running so so, we raced together with Reiterberger and Torres. For a while we were riding with Davies, but he started going much faster as the track dried up. I guess we didn’t pick the best time to change tires and coming out of the pits I was right behind Torres and Reiterberger. I finished the race just out of the points. A few riders finished with wet track tires, but it’s hard to say what was the best. On Sunday, we started fairly well, but unfortunately right on the first lap Scassa nudged me from behind into the gravel and I lost a lot. I caught up with two groups in front of me and for a while I made it up to the 15-13 group but couldn’t do any better. I also continued to experience Friday’s problem with braking and shuddering so I finished all the way back in 16th place.

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