Rainy Friday in Misano

Practically first day on wet, have MotoGP riders behind them. Thus most of the riders used slippery track in Misano to collect experience, because according assumptions, the track should be dry on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, Karel Abraham "suffered" two smaller crashes, bike and also rider got off without bigger injury. In the morning practice, the rider of Cardion AB Motoracing finished on fourteenth, and in the afternoon on sixteenth position.

Karel Abraham

„This was practically for the first time in this season, when we ride whole day on wet track. The result isn´t bad, even I crashed. Both crashes were not heavy and it happens in this condition. Misano track is always slippery on the wet and the crashes are usually completely unpredictable. You can loose the front riding straight without any hard braking. We expect to ride on dry for the rest of weekend, but if not, we can say we would be ready.“

Marco Grana, chief mechanic Cardion AB Motoracing

„We had really difficult day. It rained whole day and this make Misano track extremely slippery. Following my experience the sea causes this, which is close to the circuit.  We tried both wet tyres – the soft one as well the hard one – during the day. But the result is similar; bike excessively slips on both of them. We suffered two crashes, but it´s nothing remarkable in this weather and we saw many riders crashed in both practices. The weather may change and tomorrow we will likely ride on the dry. In this case the third free practice would be almost like qualifying practice. I expect it to be very dramatic, but I hope to be able to stay around 15th position.”