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"Sit on a minibike for the first time. Fall flat on my face a few times at first, but then things start to take off. Gradually start winning a few titles and then move up to the adult 125; take the Czech title and after a couple of years, begin my international career."


"First year in the world championships. Still had the number 44 at that time, which I also kept the following season. Also had a rather unusual yellow bike. Typical first year – and I was only 15. It was a massacre."


"Move up to the 250 - the super factory Aprilia with unbelievable charisma. In those days it was a completely different machine. Minimum electronics. The mechanics had to strip the engine every weekend. That doesn’t happen these days."


"New cc class Moto2. The beginning of the season was nothing special, then I get on the FTR and everything falls into place. First podium finish in Japan and the feeling that I’ve made it. Then the final race in Valencia, last lap and there are four of us fighting for the podium. Elias makes a mistake, the others slow up, and it’s there for the taking. Incredible euphoria."


"So we’re right at the top. After 6 years in the MotoGP World Championship, riding this wicked Ducati. Straight away in the second race at Jerez, seventh place, then once again, first time in Laguna Seca, the end of the season battle in Valencia for fourth place; even though it wasn’t to be - totally satisfied."


"Moving to WSBK. New championship, new bike, new team."


"After one year break, I came back to MotoGP. During next two seasons I was riding on my favourite Ducati at Ángel Nieto Team (former Pull&Bear Aspar Team)."


"Another important milestone of my career. I will take next MotoGP races as Reale Avintia Racing rider. Thanks all of you for support!"

My profile

Who am I?

"Karel Abraham, born on the second day of the 90s – although technically still in the1980s because the 1990s didn’t start for some reason until 1991. I’m about 180 cm tall (5 ft 11 in), so during MotoGP, I’m generally looking down on everyone else, apart from the grid girls in their high heels."

Where do I live?

"I was born in Brno and still live there today. A good half of the year I’m off around the world racing, though. But when I’m at home, I’m just a stone’s throw from the Brno Circuit since I live in the neighboring Brno quarter of Žebětín."

What do I like doing?

"Racing, traveling, flying by helicopter, parachuting, and shooting. The more adrenaline the better as far as I’m concerned."

What do you really hate?

"Early starts and boredom."

Who is your role model?

"That period in my life is behind me. I live in a way that makes me feel good, and hopefully, I’ve got enough imagination to forge my own way in life."

What’s your own bike?

"I can’t abandon my old Aprilia, even though it’s just a 50 cc scooter and about 10 years old."

Where do you like racing best?

"Phillip Island in Australia and Laguna Seca in California. But Laguna’s been canceled!!?@*! It’s a fantastic track and one that‘s really close to my heart. You race into half the turns absolutely blind."

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