Texas: Abraham retires due to pain

Karel Abraham Karel Abraham

I had to retire from the race because of the pain I had after the crash yesterday. It's a weird feeling, because I can walk well, run and train in the gym, but at the same time I have a lot of pain in my wrist, my fingers, the palm of my hand, my arm and my back. In the warmup I had to start working with other muscles to help the muscles that had become sore, and in the race they also caused me discomfort. In the end, the team sent me a message to come back to the box. I wanted to try riding, but it was hard to change direction or slow down. Before the Jerez race I will have to do rehabilitation and I hope my muscles recover before I get back on track. I hadn’t been crashing this season, but yesterday I hit the ground when going at more than 200 km/h and it was pretty painful. I’m happy because nothing is broken, but I haven’t been able to compete in a race where I could have been up there with my teammate fighting for the points. Unfortunately, my body did not allow me to give my all today."


Texas 2018

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